Raygun Unleashes Next Generation Real User Monitoring

October 27, 2015


10/27/2015 - San Francisco, U.S - Today error tracking company Raygun.com announced the release of their Real User Monitoring service.

Real User Monitoring will go hand in hand with Raygun’s current exception handling capabilities, which alert developer teams to errors in their application’s code that are causing crashes and bad user experiences.

Developers will be able to see exactly where issues are occurring on their production website, including page load speeds, interactions with Ajax scripts and where users are having issues.

Having insight into application performance is incredibly important for developers. Information about page load breakdowns show which browsers users are using, who is affected, and whether the user’s location is a factor - all crucial things to know about to make performance improvements.

Raygun co-founder and CEO, John-Daniel Trask said “The Raygun Platform now gives customers unparalleled visibility into the problems their users are experiencing - be them software crashes or just poor performance. Our launch customers feedback has exceeded all internal expectations which is hugely satisfying” about the launch.

Raygun users will be able to try Real User Monitoring as of today by going to their account. New users can sign up for a trial with, or without a Raygun account.


About Raygun

Raygun, previously named Mindscape, is a leading global software tools provider based in Wellington, New Zealand. Mindscape changed its name to Raygun due to the success of their Raygun product – a crash reporting solution used by thousands of technology companies globally, including Microsoft, Auto Desk and Beats Music. Raygun has won numerous industry awards including the New Zealand Hi-Tech Innovative Software Product award in 2014 and the New Zealand Hi-Tech Start-up Company of the Year award in 2015. With customers in more than 100 countries, Raygun expanded the physical presence to the United States in early 2015 with offices in San Francisco.