Raygun tracks app crashes – improves experience for Android users across the globe

October 4, 2013

Wellington, NZ October 3, 2013 - Elite error reporting service Raygun have released the beta for their Android provider to add to the existing Windows Phone and Xamarin providers in their mobile arsenal. Support for this major platform follows the recent release of support for other popular platforms like ASP.NET, Ruby, and Node.js.

Support for mobile has been high on the agenda for Raygun since its launch this year, and the release of the beta Android provider will allow private users to test it out in their apps, give feedback and help bring intelligent error reporting to the mobile space.

Features that will appear in the beta include support for Android Gingerbread onwards, full Android hardware data displayed in the dashboard, and fast and easy installation to name a few.

‘Add two lines of code to your app, and all uncaught exceptions will be automatically delivered to Raygun’, explained Callum Gavin, who built the provider. ‘It’s going to make your job a whole lot easier when debugging your apps, giving your users a much better experience’.

Raygun users can email hello@raygun.com to find out how use the Android provider, or signup at raygun.com for a free trial.

About Mindscape

Mindscape is a leading software development tools company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Started in 2007, Mindscape has won many awards for their high performance and easy to use products, including being named in the SD Times Top 100 alongside companies such as Microsoft and IBM. Mindscape has thousands of customers around the world including Microsoft, Intel, NATO, DropBox and Electronic Arts.

About Raygun

Raygun is a hosted service provided by Mindscape that focuses on collecting, notifying and managing software crashes and errors. A small component can be integrated with most modern programming languages and then all errors are automatically reported to the Raygun service. Teams can then be intelligently notified of problems and enough information about an error, down to the line of code the error occurred on, to assist developers in resolving bugs faster so as to save time, money and improve software quality.