Raygun.io is now Raygun.com

March 24, 2016


24/03/2016 - Seattle, U.S - Raygun has acquired the domain raygun.com and from today will be available to users who have previously accessed the service through the original domain of Raygun.io.


We’ve previously blogged about how Raygun came to be, how it got it’s name and how things were in the early days. You can also find out more about how we obtained the domain name raygun.com, how that process played out and what the experience was like by listening to our CEO John-Daniel talk to Matt Kremer on his podcast.

Listen to MK 019: John-Daniel Trask – Time Traveling with Rayguns

Users can continue to blast away your errors and performance issues with Raygun products, just under the new .com domain.


About Raygun

Raygun, previously named Mindscape, is a leading global software tools provider based in Wellington, New Zealand. Mindscape changed its name to Raygun due to the success of their Raygun product – which provides a crash reporting and real user monitoring solution used by thousands of technology companies globally. Raygun has won numerous industry awards including the New Zealand Hi-Tech Innovative Software Product award in 2014 and the New Zealand Hi-Tech Start-up Company of the Year award in 2015. With customers in more than 100 countries, Raygun expanded the physical presence to the United States in early 2015 with offices in San Francisco and Seattle.

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