Raygun shines light on badly written outsourced software

July 23, 2013

Wellington, July 22, 2013 - Error reporting service Raygun.com, from Wellington based developer tools company Mindscape, are extending their audience for the popular software bug notification service to companies who aren’t directly developing software themselves, but outsourcing the work to software development companies.

Businesses who outsource their software development often find themselves in the dark about the quality of the software being created for them. Without being software experts themselves it can be challenging to appreciate the possible problems that exist. Unfortunately, software bugs can cost businesses millions annually in lost customers, lost sales and lost productivity.

Raygun from Mindscape resolves this issue. By insisting on the use of Raygun in the software being developed, businesses can get a window into the health of the software they’re paying to have developed. Seeing visual graphs of bugs, counts of distinct bugs and the ability to comment on unique errors, Raygun is empowering businesses to hold development companies accountable for software bugs they may be otherwise unaware of.

Raygun takes only minutes to integrate into even the largest software projects. It supports all leading development languages and can start providing insight immediately. Mindscape already has hundreds of high quality software businesses adopting Raygun so they can ensure a higher quality deliverable for their customers.

They can receive insightful notifications about errors that are occurring, including stack traces and other error information and can fix the bugs before their customer even gets a chance to notify them of a problem.

“We’re seeing customers who are not software developers insisting on Raygun integration for the very reason of understanding the quality of the product being delivered to them. It’s scary for some to see how poorly the software is written. Software that they have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for. Conversely, we see many quality conscious development services companies rolling Raygun into all new projects.” explained Mindscape Co-Founder John-Daniel Trask. “Not only does it consistently allow them to keep their customers happy, but they can ensure a higher bar for quality and a lower risk of cost overruns at the end of the project”.

About Mindscape
Mindscape is a leading software development tools company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Started in 2007, Mindscape has won many awards for their high performance and easy to use products, including being named in the SD Times Top 100 alongside companies such as Microsoft and IBM. Mindscape has thousands of customers around the world including Microsoft, Intel, NATO, DropBox and Electronic Arts.

About Raygun
Raygun is a hosted service provided by Mindscape that focuses on collecting, notifying and managing software crashes and errors. A small component can be integrated with most modern programming languages and then all errors are automatically reported to the Raygun service. Teams can then be intelligently notified of problems and enough information about an error, down to the line of code the error occurred on, to assist developers in resolving bugs faster so as to save time, money and improve software quality.