Raygun blasts through error reporting market with release of Ruby on Rails support

August 9, 2013

Wellington, August 7th, 2013 - Error tracking service Raygun, from software development tools company Mindscape has grown with speed since its launch early this year, due in part to the frequent release of supported language and platform providers.

The recent release of the Raygun4Ruby provider, which brings easy Ruby on Rails error tracking to Raygun, has given a huge portion of the web developer community the opportunity to effectively track and eliminate bugs from their Ruby on Rails applications.

The Ruby ecosystem has been hugely popular for a while now, and for good reason. The language has some great features, and when paired with the Rails framework, it’s an excellent choice when developing a next-gen web applications.

“Now Ruby on Rails developers have more options when it comes to error tracking in their applications, as a flood of error notifications isn’t any good unless you can make sense of the data. Raygun presents this in an easily digestible format with charts and statistics, and intelligently groups the errors by type. This means software with fewer bugs, and happier users. Not to mention happier developers who aren’t in the dark about what is wrong.” – said Mindscape co-founder John-Daniel Trask.

Raygun displays many details about the error, including back trace, request data, client and server environment details.

As well as supporting most popular languages and frameworks, including Ruby/Rails, .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Xamarin – Raygun has recently released integration with GitHub, Campfire, FogBugz, YouTrack, Trello, and more, meaning error tracking can be easy for any kind of developer regardless of their language and platform preferences.

About Mindscape
Mindscape is a leading software development tools company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Started in 2007, Mindscape has won many awards for their high performance and easy to use products, including being named in the SD Times Top 100 alongside companies such as Microsoft and IBM. Mindscape has thousands of customers around the world including Microsoft, Intel, NATO, DropBox and Electronic Arts.

About Raygun
Raygun is a hosted service provided by Mindscape that focuses on collecting, notifying and managing software crashes and errors. A small component can be integrated with most modern programming languages and then all errors are automatically reported to the Raygun service. Teams can then be intelligently notified of problems and enough information about an error, down to the line of code the error occurred on, to assist developers in resolving bugs faster so as to save time, money and improve software quality.