Raygun supports full Xamarin stack in time for latest release

August 21, 2014

Raygun supports full Xamarin stack in time for latest release.

Wellington, NZ August 21, 2014 - Time saving error reporting service Raygun.com has released support for Xamarin.Mac, adding to their existing support for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android projects. C# developers can now easily be alerted of exceptions from their native iOS, Android, Mac and Windows apps built with the Xamarin toolset, with enough information about a crash to fix it before their customers can complain.

Xamarin is a platform which allows developers to write apps entirely in C#, and run across iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices.

Complete Xamarin stack support means teams using only C# code across multiple platforms can have error information sent immediately to the Raygun service, and receive rich dashboard views with information such as the stack trace, exception message, OS version, machine architecture, application version and other details to assist in resolving software errors quickly.

Noteworthy about the new provider is the Xamarin.Mac 2.0 Beta support, in time with Xamarin’s very recent release Xamarin.Mac 1.10 in their beta channel which uses a preview of the new Unified APIs including 64-bit framework support. This is leading up to the release of the Xamarin.Mac 2 series.

“It’s fantastic that Xamarin developers can use Raygun as the same error reporting tool for all their Xamarin applications. I’m pleased that we were able to easily support the new Unified APIs too, and look forward to when that moves out of beta.” said Raygun’s lead Xamarin developer, Jason Fauchelle.

Mindscape, the company behind Raygun, released the popular error reporting service in early 2013 with the aim of improving software quality by creating the best error tracking tool for every developer – regardless of which programming language or platform they work with. For elite Xamarin error reporting a free trial can be set up in minutes at Raygun.com.