Error monitoring and crash reporting

Monitor and fix production errors with ease

Control the chaos around solving software bugs. Quickly diagnose problems in your codebase, enjoy faster development cycles and make sure users are having error free experiences.

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Raygun Error Monitoring & Crash Reporting
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Complete visibility into errors and crashes across your entire stack

Add Raygun to your code, across your full tech stack, and in minutes you’ll be able to detect every error in your software, the second they happen.

  • Support for all languages and frameworks with lightweight SDKs
  • Track both client-side and server-side errors, across both desktop and mobile
  • Intelligently sort errors by affected user count to find those that have the biggest impact on your end customer experience

Zero in on the root cause and replicate issues quickly with code-level diagnostics

Unlock end-to-end visibility into the errors and crashes that are detrimental to your customers’ experience. Stop relying on log files, or support tickets with incomplete information and solve issues quickly.

  • See the full stack trace, environment, browser, version, OS, class name, host and more. Even identify the release or commit that introduced the issue
  • Filter through your errors by date, time, version, tag, host, OS, browser, custom tags and more
  • Reduce noise with configurable filters for machine name, version, IP address, hostname and more

Error monitoring software that creates faster, higher quality software development life cycles

Build an unbeatable workflow around error detection and resolution within your team. Increase deployment and delivery frequency and spend more time building great software instead of fighting it.

  • Connect to source code repositories including GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab
  • Raygun’s error tracking tool has workflow integrations with Slack, JIRA, GitHub, Trello, Bitbucket and many more
  • Attach your own custom data to send additional contextual information
Error Tracking Workflow Tools
Error Monitoring & Crash Reporting Users List

See all error and crash events impacting your customers, in one place

Raygun is easy to set up and integrates seamlessly with your current tech stack. Every person, team and department can use Raygun to manage all software issues in one central location.

  • Support both public and private JavaScript source maps
  • iOS crashes can be automatically symbolicated via Dsym uploads
  • Symbol support in the form of PDB files or Breakpad’s SYM files
  • Capture handled and unhandled exceptions

A lot more than your usual error tracking software

Break down the walls between your monitoring tools. Do it all with one fully integrated platform, simplifying your monitoring experience.

  • Pair crash reporting with Real User Monitoring to understand crash free users metrics and frontend performance
  • Identify individual customers that are having poor software experiences to improve customer experience
  • Display trends in errors, performance timings, user session traffic and more with customizable dashboards
Error Tracking User Session

Enjoy application stability and error reporting for all these language and frameworks

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An error monitoring and crash reporting tool for customer-centric teams

“I would absolutely recommend Raygun. It's easy to get started and you’ll quickly get real visibility into what your users are actually experiencing.”

Greg Shackles - Principal Engineer, Olo
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"Raygun helps me identify problems before the customer does, without having to keep a constant eye on a number of different logs located on different servers.”

Ross Hawkins - Owner, Ignition Development
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“Raygun gives us the ability to know about issues so we can respond quickly and give our customers the best experience that they deserve and expect.”

David Corbett - Senior Engineering Manager
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See actionable error data in minutes

Free unlimited monitoring for 14 days