Error Tracking

Intelligent error grouping

Every occurrence of a bug is presented within one group. Resolve or ignore many error groups at once or browse each instance and view its unique data.

Stack traces

Every error has its stack trace. Find out where and why the bug occurred - fast. Complete method/function and class name data included.

Multiple platforms

Mix it up with many different languages and frameworks, monitoring them all from one account. View the supported languages here.

Multiple applications

Software is made up of many moving parts. Track all of them with Raygun to get a complete picture.

See who was affected

Discover critical bugs that are visible to the most users that would otherwise go unnoticed by your team.

Reach out to affected users

Raygun gives you the tools to see which users were affected. Proactively contact them and notify them of the fix, all within your Raygun account.

Trend graphs

See at a glance how errors rates are changing over time, and whether new code releases result in regressions.


Filter through your errors by date, time, version, server host name or custom tags. Full boolean logic is supported with an easy interface.

Send extra data

Attach custom data to easily send extra information that is in scope when the exception occurs. All custom data is searchable within Raygun.

Mark errors with custom tags

Attach tags to each error at runtime to further distinguish where they came from. This can be set for all errors, or just one instance.


Leave comments on errors and keep your team up to date with each error's progress - and yes, we support Markdown for rich text.

Full text search

Targeted field search lets you track down errors by searching across certain fields. Search for email addresses or usernames of valued customers.

Global Dashboard

Raygun's Global Dashboard is unlike anything you've seen before. Manage all your applications and errors on a single page. Read more here.

JavaScript source maps

Compile your JavaScript with source map support. Raygun will automatically give you complete stack traces and error occurrence data.

Smart Notifications

Team Chat

With Raygun's built-in support for many team chat platforms, real time error notifications are sent instantly to your team's chat room.

Daily digests of activity

Don't let notifications disrupt your sleep or important meetings. Set your digest emails to be sent whenever it's convenient for you.

Flexible notification options

Choose to be notified of each individual error or take control of your inbox with our daily email digests of what's been happening.

Apps and Mobile

Mobile crash reporting

Alongside all major web platforms, Raygun supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Xamarin frameworks too.

dSYM support

iOS crashes can be automatically symbolicated by Raygun when you provide the dSYM file, turning them into human-readable backtraces.

All Xamarin platforms

No matter what platform you're targeting, we support it - with Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Mac.

Android Error Tracking

Easily add Raygun to your native Android app, which will then allow you to transmit all exceptions to your Raygun dashboard.

WinRT and Windows Phone

Track exceptions from your Windows StoreWindows Phone and WinRT apps with ease.


Two factor authentication

Protect your account with two factor authentication and see which users on your team have it enabled.

Top notch security

All data is sent over 256-bit end-to-end SSL connections keeping your information and error details safe at all times.

Strip out sensitive data

Remove sensitive data such as credit card details when sending errors from your application.

Single sign-on

Seemlessly authenticate users and log them into the application with SAML2 based single sign-on. This feature is available on Enterprise plans only.

Team Management

Unlimited team members

We don't have any of those silly limits for team members. Whether you have one or one hundred people on your team, we've got you covered.

Complete activity history

Every action a team member takes on an error group is displayed, like status updates, commenting and more. All user actions are recorded but only Business and Enterprise plans get access to the full Audit Log which lists these actions.

Organization support

Add multiple account owners and users and manage plans you are connected to, all within one account.

Built for teams

Raygun works effortlessly to keep all of your team informed of what's going on, with individual notification settings for each member.

Organise your team

Create new teams, grant and revoke access to applications and invite colleagues at the click of a button.


Simplified project management

Raygun works with the leading project management tools putting all of the information you need into your workflows.

Smarter issue tracking

Connect with popular issue trackers, mark errors as resolved, create new issues or link your errors to existing ones.


Error notifications fire webhooks, which you can send to other third-party APIs, or hook it into your own system for ultimate flexibility.

Community providers

If you use Nancy for .NET, Django, Go, Drupal, CakePHP or Adobe Air, you can get started with Raygun right away using the community providers.

Streamline your workflow

Integrating Raygun with your team chat providers means you'll get real time notifications straight to your team's chat room. This now includes comments on errors, keeping everyone in the loop at all times.

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