Raygun’s best features of 2019: 5 new ways to create better software faster

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Raygun is proud to deliver tools that help software teams discover software performance problems before they affect end-users.

Last year was no exception. From improved language support to better performance, we released a host of new features designed to help you provide better digital customer experiences.

Read on to see how our favorite features from 2019 will benefit you in 2020 and beyond.

Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring

Accurate cross-platform error and user monitoring all in one place

Many mobile developers know that slow network calls and slow loading views harm the user experience. That’s why being able to get visibility into the performance timings of user sessions and how they encountered an issue is so important.

Screenshot of full user session in Raygun

Using our new Raygun4XamarinForms provider for both Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring, you can see the full user session - including when a crash occurred and the detailed diagnostic information you need to resolve problems faster.

If you’ve yet to try Raygun with your Xamarin apps, it’s easy to set up, all it takes is a couple of lines of code. Take a free 14-day trial here.

Build faster, error-free Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps

UWP is great for building consistent experiences across platforms - yet performance problems, crashes, and errors will still affect end-users unless you have monitoring in place.

Screenshot of Real User Monitoring in Raygun

With the new Raygun4UWP provider for Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring, you’ll gain visibility into problems affecting end-users of your UWP apps, with detailed stack traces, advanced filtering, deployment tracking, user tracking, and more, so you can build faster more performant UWP apps.


.NET Core support for APM

We’re shaking up the APM industry by providing a refreshing approach to application performance monitoring. Our goal is to provide a developer-friendly product that excels in delivering the necessary details needed to fix problems quickly.

With our latest APM support for .NET Core, we’ve been able to provide this actionable data using our multithreaded trace capability. Whether you are using the TPO library, tasks, or even just Async/Await syntax, you will be able to understand any performance issues quickly, with unrivaled actionable details.

Along with support came a slew of performance improvements for the APM agent. Raygun is committed to better performance, releasing an improved Raygun4.Net integration, live blacklisting, and .NET Core 3.0 and 3.1 support.


Team-wide visibility with unlimited dashboards

Every year, we help thousands of teams gain visibility into the health of their apps - and one of the best ways to do that is with Raygun’s dashboards.

Last year, we removed the restrictions on the number of dashboards you can create. With unlimited dashboards, any team member can create a dashboard to compare data sets, view the health of a project at a glance, or get visibility into the data you care about across multiple apps.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the TV mode to surface your data on a screen for everyone to see.

Improved permissions for business and enterprise apps

Teams that use the granular permissions feature gain more control and transparency into who is able to make changes to Raygun. This way, every team gets only what they need - developers have the functionality to resolve errors while admins can have full control over subscription details.

Permissions are a great way to help your team stay focused. For example, Flux Federation uses Granular Permissions to ensure that only plan owners can delete error data.

More announcements for 2020

2020 will bring more features and updates to help you improve application performance.

  • More language support for APM. We will be releasing Ruby support, followed by Node.js and Linux, then Java and PHP.
  • A new histogram and line graph in RUM to provide visualizations of the trends and distribution of software performance
  • Out-of-the-box support for capturing First Paint and First Contentful Paint metrics.
  • A fully customizable alerting pipeline

Watch for more on our blog.

Other milestones

The Tech Leaders’ series

If you missed them, you can get a rare glimpse at how some of the world’s leading software companies manage their monitoring.

  • Auckland panel - Xero, Vend, and PushPay on prioritizing user experience during the development workflow.
  • Wellington panel - Trade Me, Xero, Raygun, and Sharesies on maintaining an excellent standard of software quality.
  • Portland panel - Microsoft, Chef Software, Nike and The Standard share tips on actionable monitoring.
  • Seattle panel - Amazon Alexa, AWS, Raygun and Tableau Software on measuring the ‘unmeasurable’.

We’ll be coming to a town near you soon! Express your interest here.

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At Raygun, we are dedicated to helping software teams build better software faster, and in 2020, we will continue to provide features and support so you can do just that. Don’t be a stranger - we are always open to feedback (or find us on Twitter @raygunio.)