Launch Notes: Native Core Web Vitals, versionised deployment tracking, updated APM

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Raygun’s Launch Notes are your regular round-up of all the improvements we made to Raygun last month — from significant features to performance updates.

Real User Monitoring

Core Web Vitals native in RUM

Customer experience has always been the focus for RUM and we’re delighted that Google is introducing more metrics to track user experience. You can now find Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) scores for each static page of your applications in RUM, and on the application performance overview graph as well. For more information, read the announcement post.

Raygun native support for Core Web Vitals

More React Native support

For those of you who are using the raygun4js profiler in their React Native environments we’ve released a new version fixing some known issues. However, we do recommend switching to our dedicated raygun4reactnative provider.

Application Performance Monitoring

Better support and performance for Node.js

APM for Node.js has been available for 2 months - thanks to everyone who provided feedback, it’s been extremely valuable. We now released an update that significantly improves performance for long-running applications, adds support for PM2, and improves Sequelize and MySQL2 support.

Consistent sampling

Sampling traces in APM is challenging - we don’t want to remove important traces at the source but give you the option to decide what you see in the app. So in our recent update, we’ve improved APM sampling logic so that it is no longer required to run raygun4net for sampling purposes only.

Even more updates

Our APM team has been really busy these last weeks, and also released the Raygun agent version 1.0.1333 and raygun-apm gem up to version 1.0.83

Crash Reporting

Deployment tracking is now version-based

Raygun will now display new errors that have occurred in the deployment version, any regressions and errors that are still occurring. This gives you a great view of which errors you have eliminated and which you have introduced with your latest codebase updates. Deployment tracking correlates by version number, so even if you have multiple versions live, your error reports will always be correlated to the correct deployment. Read more about it in our documentation.

Agent / Gem updates

The Raygun4Ruby gem has been updated to version 3.2.6.

General Updates

Sign in updates

We want to share as many Raygun tips and tricks as possible with you so now when you log in, you’ll see some new recommendations. Check it out!

Behind the scenes - data ingestion

We wouldn’t be Raygun if we weren’t constantly trying to make our own apps better. This time, we’ve improved how RUM and APM ingest data, fixed error grouping, and added more support for search strategies and queries.

That’s a wrap!

You’re all up to date with the changes to the Raygun Platform.

Happy coding!