December Launch Notes: Track Core Web Vitals, .NET 5 and Blazor support, and more

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Raygun’s Launch Notes are your regular round-up of all the improvements we made to Raygun last month — from significant features to performance updates.


The open beta of Raygun APM for Node.js is officially live

Raygun is built for developers that need actionable code-level insights, is easy to set up, and suits any budget (starting at $8 per month and gives teams full control over both sampling and costs.)

Ready to get started with APM for Node.js? If you are an existing customer, simply login to Raygun, select APM in the sidebar, and follow the setup instructions to start your free trial. If you are new to Raygun, take a free trial here.

Agent update out now

The latest APM Agent version adds an optional Low Overhead Mode. This optional setting is especially useful for those experiencing performance issues as a result of frequent methods. It is disabled by default, and you can read more about it here.

New Ruby Gem

You may have noticed a new version of our raygun-apm Ruby Gem is out. This includes some reliability improvements.


Tracking Core Web Vitals with Raygun

In May of 2021, Google will be updating its algorithm to incorporate page experience as a ranking signal. You can use Raygun to monitor your Core Web Vitals with the Custom Timings feature.

Read how to get set up in our guide


.NET 5 and Blazor support for Crash Reporting and RUM

As .NET 5 builds on the existing foundation laid by .NET Core, to get monitoring, you can get set up for console or desktop applications by following the instructions for .NET Core or for web applications by following the instructions for ASP.NET Core. If you are setting up for a web application, you should also monitor your client-side errors and performance by using Raygun4JS.

Blazor also builds on ASP.NET Core, and like building for web applications in .NET 5, you will want to use both Raygun4Net and Raygun4JS to monitor both errors and performance. We have developed specific guides to cover setting up with Blazor for Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring to help you get started.

We’re also in the process of completing support for these with our APM product.

That’s a wrap!

You’re all up to date with the changes to the Raygun Platform.

Happy coding!