Better customer experiences with Raygun and Heroku

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Exciting news for our Heroku community — Raygun Real User Monitoring (RUM) is now available on the Heroku Marketplace.

Now, you can monitor performance trends, identify and diagnose performance problems, and improve your customers’ experience directly through your Heroku account.

If you already use Raygun Crash Reporting on Heroku, adding Real User Monitoring will give you the ability to drill into the users’ experience and see exactly where they encounter issues, making resolution faster for you and your customers.

Real User Monitoring on Heroku

Today, every company needs apps to engage their customers and run their businesses. Heroku is fully managed, giving developers the freedom to focus on their core product without the distraction of maintaining servers, hardware, or infrastructure. This often means that developers can focus on giving their users a great experience by developing features and functionality that delight their customers.

But how do you know that your users are experiencing fast loading times, no matter what their environment? RUM on Heroku enables you to get visibility into your web, mobile, or single page applications’ performance at the user level. Get benefits like:

  • Instance-level diagnostics on every page request
  • Visualize how your application performed for every page request, with a full load breakdown and waterfall timeline
  • See an individual user session in a timeline to see where they encountered performance problems and errors
  • Access to our new free RUM plan, only available on Heroku

Session-level performance detail with Real User Monitoring

How Raygun and Heroku work

Once you’ve added the Raygun RUM addon from the Heroku marketplace, all that’s left is to integrate Raygun into your codebase. RUM has support for a variety of languages and platforms including JavaScript, Angular, and React, as well as Xamarin, Android, and iOS.

Each platform has an SDK that we provide that can get you up and running quickly with only a few lines of code. Once you’ve completed the easy installation, Raygun will start collecting data that you can view through the Heroku portal.

Simply head over to your application overview and click the Raygun Real User Monitoring icon in the “Installed add-ons” section to view your Raygun Dashboard.

Access Raygun RUM via the installed add-ons dashboard

Once you have enabled Real User Monitoring, Raygun will begin collecting data in a few minutes.

You can find the core set up information on our Heroku page, plus how to support SPAs (Single Page Applications).

Discover the impact of errors on real users

Did you know error monitoring is also available on Heroku? With RUM and error monitoring working together, you’ll be able to see which users of your app are impacted by errors and performance issues.

Zoom in on individual users and the errors they experienced with Raygun and Heroku

Once you’ve set up your Heroku application, adding a webhook is easy.

Sign up for free

With Raygun Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring now available via the Heroku marketplace, you’ll get sophisticated monitoring for all your Heroku-based projects.

Our flexible and usage-based pricing means there is a plan for every budget, and we offer a 14-day free trial! There’s never been a better time to try Raygun.