Solve issues faster with customer experience monitoring

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Thousands of developers rely on Raygun to help them deliver great customer experiences every day. Software teams can spend 75% of their time debugging errors and performance problems — mostly in the manual process of finding and diagnosing them.

Every busy developer should be able to reach the answers they need quickly — not just where things went wrong but which customers were impacted by errors, crashes, and performance issues. Better information means faster resolutions and more positive digital experiences for your customers.

That’s why we’re unveiling a whole new design and feature upgrade for what was previously known as Users. We’ve made it faster, more organized, and even easier to link errors and sessions to real customers.

Now labeled as Customers in the main menu, this is your new mission control center for customer experience monitoring:

  • Discover session information metrics — like browser, platform, and location — all in one view
  • Quickly view errors encountered during each session with a handy dropdown
  • Get faster feedback on what you’re looking for with a responsive search

“With Raygun, we don’t just get an ID or some generalized data about users and the crashes they’ve experienced. Raygun makes crashes tangible by connecting them back to an affected user and their details. We can say: “John, at this clinic, experienced this particular crash at this particular time.”

Vidar Sømme, Chief Development Officer, Vetserve

“Users” is now “Customers”

The first thing you’ll notice is that the name is different. If you have been following our recent product updates, you may have noticed us talking more about digital customer experiences.

Many companies are asking how to prioritize customers at each step of the development process. The Customers page in Raygun can help companies of any size answer these questions and more.

Easy to use

The new look and feel for Customers starts with the first page, which lists the most recent customers visiting your site. You can also download the CSV file from this view.

Whether you navigate to the new Customers section from Crash Reporting or Real User Monitoring (RUM), you’ll now see a list of all your customers by name (unless you have filtered out PII data according to your company’s privacy policy).

See an index of users as the first page of customer experience monitoring

All the session and debugging information is then just one click away — with a timestamp, version, browser, platform, and location in one view.

Discover the list of users and the sessions they experienced

Note: Customer experience monitoring is most powerful with both Crash Reporting and RUM enabled. If you see either page is greyed out, take a free trial directly from the Customers page to see the full functionality.

See errors alongside sessions

The dropdown arrow next to each customer session will open a list of errors that link directly to the stacktrace and error report, making investigation much faster.

Discover the list of users and the errors they experienced

Real user experiences at your fingertips

The Sessions page remains one of the best features in your debugging toolkit for when you need context to session timings and errors. Each individual customer session is broken down in a timeline so you can see session length. Replicating errors is much easier this way, and eliminates back-and-forth with customers and support when debugging.

The Customers area now has a more sophisticated and user-friendly search. Type in the user, find the error, session, company, or email and create a Jira ticket with the technical details to pass to developers.

Discover issues quickly with fast and responsive search

No matter how many customers you have, you can rest assured that Raygun can now surface every single one quickly and with accuracy.

GDPR compliant — delete customer info from the app

The same user deletion mechanisms are in place in Customers to remove all information associated with a user (their errors, sessions and PII data), so you know you are in compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR when a customer makes a removal request.

There’s no need to contact us to remove data, the mechanism to do so is built right into the Raygun app. Just select the three-dot menu next to any customer’s name in the profile view for the option to delete a customer’s data. Read our GDPR policy for more.

Discover issues quickly with fast and responsive search

Start monitoring your digital customer experiences today

To win in today’s digital-first world, companies must understand, monitor, and deliver the best digital experience for their customers. Positive experiences preserve customer loyalty and protect your brand, so there has never been a better time to get started.

If you’re already a Raygun customer, just sign in to the Raygun app and select Customers from the side menu. Not yet tried Raygun and want to build delightful, high-performing software with fewer crashes, errors, and performance problems? Get unlimited monitoring for 14 days with our free trial.

One more thing — we want to send a big thank you to all customers that have provided feedback on our new Customers section. Do you have a question for our team about customer experience monitoring and how it can help your team? Get in touch via our contact form.