The future of debugging is AI Error Resolution

Auto-prompt your chosen LLM with crucial error context from your stack trace, environment, and affected code to get fast and accurate solutions.

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For tech leads who are ready to deliver 100% reliable checkout experiences

53% of consumers will abandon an app because of crashes, freezes, or errors. Reduce errors impacting the checkout process by as much as 90% across multiple stores, cut down MTTR to as low as four minutes, increase revenue, and accelerate your deployment frequency with Crash Reporting.

For CX experts who are ready to accelerate conversions

Don't underestimate the power of performance for boosting bottom lines. Improving page response times and Core Web Vitals scores, even by less than a second, can significantly increase conversion rates.

Real User Monitoring’s granular performance data enables engineers, analysts, and SREs to effectively identify bottlenecks, diagnose issues, and optimize performance for their mobile and web applications.

For performance engineers who are ready to master the complexity of back-end systems

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) enables data-driven monitoring and management of back-end issues, capturing the complete lifecycle of incoming web requests. Fix performance bottlenecks withininutes, not hours, with root cause analysis, multithreaded trace support, granular diagnostics, and code-level context for every trace.

Simple setup and flexible pricing

  • On-demand pricing that scales with you
  • First-class support for all major languages and frameworks using lightweight SDKs and agents
  • Native integrations with Slack, Github, Jira, Bitbucket and more of your favorite tools
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From startups to Fortune 500s

Companies of all sizes and complexity rely on Raygun to deliver lightning-fast and error-free experiences for millions of customers, every day. Have a question for our team? Get in touch.


We process billions of data points every day and can meet the demands of any company, at any size, anywhere in the world.


Your data, is your data. Raygun comes fully equipped with encrypted data storage and robust in-built privacy controls.


We adhere to the most stringent security requirements and are HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and PCI compliant.


Through our expansive online support center, live in-app chat, and dedicated customer support team, we are here to help every step of the way.

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