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Raygun keeps a watchful eye on your web and mobile applications and tells you when problems arise

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When an error or crash is identified by Raygun, full diagnostic information about the error is made available, including user environment, full stack trace information, request details, raw data and the error details themselves, which are displayed in your Raygun dashboard.

This allows quick diagnosis of each error, giving your team all the information needed to fix errors quickly, so you can be shipping features rather than digging through log files trying to find the root cause.

Monitor your website performance with Raygun Pulse. Each user session on your website and mobile apps is tracked and performance issues are identified for you automatically. View searchable, specific user sessions to pinpoint where they encountered issues and discover fundamental bottlenecks that affect your customer’s end-user-experience.

See how your website loads from a specific country, browser, or device and ensure your website delivers a flawless user experience for each and every one of your customers.

Raygun has allowed my company
to reduce its errors by 90%.

Nick Witteman - General Manager - Global Office Limited

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Raygun will seamlessly fit into your everyday routine and you’ll soon wonder how you ever went without it!

Steve Day - Project Manager and Development Lead - Staff Squared

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