Slack Integration

Documentation – Slack – Integrating Slack With Raygun

Setup instructions

  1. In Raygun, on the application sidebar, click Integrations, then Slack:

  1. Click on the Setup tab, then visit the link in the FAQ section at the bottom of that Setup page to create a Slack URL for Raygun:

  1. Paste the Slack URL in the text box on the Setup page, then click Enabled and Save Changes.
  2. You also have the option to include custom tags in the error notitications to Slack – just click the ‘Include tags’ checkbox.
  3. Done! Errors will then be delivered to your Slack chatroom.


Raygun will send notifications to your Slack channel when the follow happens

  • New error occured
  • Error reoccured after being resolved or ignored
  • Error still occuring 1, 5, 10, 30, 60 minute/s later
  • User has comment on a error
  • User has resolved/ignored an error