We Analyzed Billions of Website User Sessions and Here’s What We Found Out

Development teams usually have an armada of tools to help understand how their websites are performing. Statistics such as page load speed and average session length within analytics tools become vital markers for how users are interacting with software applications on a daily basis. Software development teams may have the finger on the pulse when it comes to their own … Read More

Raygun Study: Browser Monitoring – which desktop browsers throw the least errors?

Raygun monitored and analyzed error and crash data from billions of desktop browser user sessions to find out which browsers performed best and worst. Read on to discover the results… Chrome errors Chrome has a 52.82% market share and accounts for 44.09% of total errors tracked Version data 43.0.2357 = 6.95% 44.0.2403 = 6.85% 45.0.2454 = 4.85% 42.0.2311 = 3.64% 41.0.2272 = 3.51% * Results … Read More