Real user monitoring for your
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Increase your website speed with Insights

Is your website underperforming for your customers? If certain pages were slow to load or causing issues, how would you know? Insights runs periodic crawls of your website to identify page load performance issues, alongside diagnostic information on how to fix it. You’ll get thorough descriptions of how to improve your website speed and which fixes will make the biggest impact.

Illustration of Pulse Insights Rules failed vs Rules Passed
Real user experience monitoring

See if users are having a good or bad experience

How do you know your web application is performing for users when it’s out in the wild? Local testing can only get you so far, and user feedback can often take the form of angry emails describing a vague issue you spend hours trying to reproduce. Pulse collects all the session information from your users whilst they navigate through your website or application. With Pulse, you get real time insights into issues your users encounter with full contextual information on the reasons why.

Real user monitoring line graph of user satisfaction over time
Front end performance monitoring

Every user session available at your fingertips

Each user session is tracked automatically. Jump into every view of every user’s journey. Where did they go? What pages did they navigate through and where did they encounter problems? Quickly see which views loaded slowly, failed to load or caused an error - then view deep diagnostic information to see why the issue occurred so you can fix the issue before more users are affected.

Real user monitoring mobile session dashboard
Improve your website performance

Measure how geographic location affects user experience

Make data driven decisions. Detailed breakdowns show you which browsers, platforms and operating systems users are using, which are affected by problems and whether the user’s location is a factor. You’ll not only get a beautiful real time view of your web application users, but also measure the performance of your website dependant on the user’s location to see where to make optimizations.

Real user monitoring worldmap showing user sessions

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Remove performance roadblocks

Discover problematic website pages and what’s causing them

Everyone wants a fast and responsive website, and you can offer this to your visitors - if only you knew where to look! Raygun will automatically find pages and assets that are harming your web application’s performance and bring them to your attention. Optimizing specific parts of your website that users get stuck on can increase your conversions, your user retention and at the same time ensure awesome user experiences.

Real user monitoring average time spent on the current view

Insurance for your web application traffic

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Only 16% of users will try a failing app more than twice, don’t let yours be one of them. Real user monitoring can give you complete peace of mind that your web application is performing for users.

Discover, diagnose and solve your website performance issues.

Real user monitoring graph showing the top 5 device usage

Forget vanity metrics – what really counts is what your users are experiencing and for that you need real user monitoring. If I was asked to recommend application monitoring software then Raygun would be my first choice.

Karl Gjersten - Infiniforms

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We know that a user is experiencing a problem with our application before they even notice it.

Barry Wark - Ovation

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