The Top 10 Digital Experience Metrics

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Experience is hard to quantify. How many times have you been urged to “measure more” or “focus on the customer” without any real answers about how? Here’s an honest, practical guide to quantifying your digital experience: what to measure, the tools and methods to measure it, and how to improve your numbers and make your customers, your execs, and your team happier. We lay out all the answers in this guide.

You'll learn to:

  • Identify the most useful data points to track and understand how each contributes to the picture of digital experience
  • Capture and calculate metrics and get started improving your performance, both with quick wins and longer-term progress
  • View code through the lens of experience; prioritize indicators and tools that promote customer-centric development
  • Connect development metrics to customer outcomes to secure buy-in and support from across the organization

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