The developer's guide to monitoring for e-commerce

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In a crowded digital marketplace, there's no room for error. Even minor software glitches or slight delays in page loading can lead to significant revenue losses. However, these problems aren't always visible until they've caused harm. Drawing from Raygun's extensive work with our e-commerce partners, we present tools and strategies specifically designed for monitoring and resolving software issues for e-commerce development teams

You'll learn to:

  • Detect the negative implications of crashes and errors on user experiences.
  • Recognize the consequences of poor visibility and the risks of underestimating performance issues.
  • Improve your approaches to error replication and streamline their resolution.
  • Transition from a reactive to a proactive stance on customer-facing software challenges.
  • 10 effective strategies using Crash Reporting to enhance e-commerce software reliability.
  • Understand the tangible and intangible costs of suboptimal software performance.

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Raygun gives you full visibility into the health of your software through our suite of tools, monitoring and reporting on issues before they can disrupt or impact your users, and freeing up your engineers to do meaningful work that keeps customers coming back for more.

How Error Monitoring Drives Innovation

Naturally, the pressure of keeping up with software releases is also on the rise, as is competition between not only applications, but also software that provides the same functionality. This hurried pace and competition means development teams must innovate quickly. However, while innovation is an easy goal to set, execution can be at odds with rapid software releases, quality and maintenance. The key to focusing development teams on both innovation and quality rapid release is to optimize and synthesize the methods and processes for catching, preventing and addressing errors.
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