The CTO's Guide to Core Web Vitals

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You might view Core Web Vitals as just another requirement from Google that can hurt your search engine visibility. But that’s far from the full picture. Core Web Vitals are an overdue opportunity to see your software through the eyes of your user, create a unified cross-functional focus on customer experience, and level-up your business. We detail how to take advantage of Core Web Vitals to cultivate a performance mindset and create tangible results.

You'll learn to:

Quantify the effects of Core Web Vitals optimizations, with detailed case studies from businesses who have increased their scores and reaped the benefits

Find and measure your Core Web Vitals scores with Google's free tools, and detect opportunities to improve

Prioritize high-impact pages to boost scores and lift business outcomes, extending user sessions, reducing bounce rates, and increasing conversions

Bring together and brief key stakeholders from across your organization to implement your Core Web Vitals strategy

Monitor and maintain on an ongoing basis to uphold standards and create a lasting performance mindset

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