Video: Node.js error handling with Raygun

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Raygun has supported Node.js error handling & tracking for a while now. We’ve had great feedback from customers about it too which is always great. As Node.js is new and shiny, a lot of developers don’t have a lot of experience with it yet so I thought I’d create a video tutorial for you on error handling in Node.js with Raygun. It’s really simple and only takes a few moments to be up and running.

I present how to install Raygun4node, and give your Node.js application powerful error tracking:

Using Express.js for better Node structure

In it I use the really cool Express.js web application framework to quickly generate a project, then add the ready-to-use Raygun error handling middleware to the request stack. It’s super easy too: less than 6 lines of code!

As an aside, Express.js, with its use of the lower-level Connect.js library, makes it so easy to add new functionality to your app, while keeping the architecture tidy. I highly recommend it.

Plugging Raygun into Node.js goes a long way to improving its error and exception handling. HTTP 404 and 500 errors will soon become a thing of past for you. You can expect error reports to be delivered to you instantly, as soon as they are encountered. Users do not need to report errors – let Raygun take care of it! Raygun will help save your sanity by giving you the detail you need to fix bugs fast but, equally important, intelligently group and notify you of problems so you’re not drowning in an inbox of notifications or trawling through log files.

Add Node.js error handling now

Got a Node app you’d like to add error tracking to? Raygun4node is available using npm (the package is called “raygun”). Full instructions are available once you sign up for Raygun, just click on the big Node logo once you’ve created a new application in Raygun and we’ll tell you exactly what to do – step by step.

If you’re a Node.js developer then start a 14-day free trial of Raygun and get blasting.

I’d love to hear what you think of my video and how Raygun is helping you with your Node.js errors. It’s easy, just post in the comments below.