Upload dSYMs from your Mac using the Raygun Sidekick

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This post is about the out-of-date Beta version of the Raygun Sidekick Mac application. Please click here to view the blog post about the release version of Raygun Sidekick.

If you’re an iOS developer who wants insight into your application crashes, then we’ve got the tool for you! Today we Introduce to you the beta version of Raygun Sidekick – a mac application to make it quick and easy to upload your iOS application dSYMs to your Raygun.com account. Download it now!

The most important piece of information for debugging an error is generally the stack trace. For iOS developers, viewing a useful stack trace means getting the bug report generated by the application, and symbolicating it against the dSYM generated for that version of the app to make it human readable. If you use Raygun to log errors from your iOS applications, then you probably already know that Raygun does the symbolication for you. All you need to do is upload the dSYM file to your Raygun account, and this will be used to build the stack trace for errors transmitted from the iOS Raygun provider sitting in your application. This becomes a bit tedious when you need to upload a new dSYM every time you create a new version of you app as this could only be done through your Raygun application dashboard.

This is where the Raygun Sidekick steps in to lend a helping hand.

When you run up the application for the first time, you’ll be presented with the preferences window where you’ll need to log in to your Raygun account. This window also includes the option to allow the Raygun Sidekick to appear in your menu bar when you log in to your Mac which we highly recommend.

Once you’ve logged in, the Raygun Sidekick will appear in your menu bar, ready to kick ass, take names and upload dSYM files.

Now whenever you use XCode to archive one of your iOS applications, the Raygun Sidekick will popup a notification asking if you want to upload it. Clicking this will display a window confirming the details of the dSYM and which app in your Raygun account you’d like to upload it to. Simply click Upload and it’s done. It could not be easier to get complete stack traces from your iOS applications!

Your trusty Raygun Sidekick will also keep track of the 5 latest dSYM files you’ve generated with XCode – in case you missed one or need to re-upload.

Selecting “Open uploader app…” from the drop down menu will launch the main application where you can manually drag/drop or click to select a dSYM or xcarchive to upload.

If you need to view or delete the dSYMs you’ve uploaded, you can do so from the dSYM Center page in your Raygun application dashboard.

Download Raygun Sidekick now

Download Raygun Sidekick 0.1 here.

As mentioned, the Raygun Sidekick is currently in beta, so we’d love for you to try it out and let us know what could be improved for the release version. Leave a comment on this blog post, or let us know in the forums. If you are developing an iOS application but aren’t using Raygun yet, grab a 14 day free trial now so that you too can benefit from elite insight into your application crashes. No credit card required.