New Plugins & Integrations page

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Last week we introduced a revamped and re-organized “Plugins & Integrations” page. This new page now provides a lot more information on how and what each of the plugins & integrations do and how they can help you get the best out of Raygun and your other external tools. We now have a much nicer looking icon palette to show all of your enabled plugins.

Once you have clicked through to a specific plugin you can see a description of what the service does that the plugin connects to as well as a description of what the plugin will allow you to do on Raygun. There is also a run through of the steps you need to use the plugin once you have enabled it.

You can then go through and setup the plugin with a much nicer looking form than previously.

I hope this improves your time using Raygun and maybe even expose you to some new services that you can use to level up your development team.

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