Connect Raygun to your Bitbucket issue tracker

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Today we have released another plugin for another great tool by the folks at Atlassian: Bitbucket. Once you’ve enabled this, you’ll be able to sync up error groups from your Raygun account with new or existing issues in your Bitbucket repositories. Here’s how:

In your dashboard, go to an application that you want to link with your Bitbucket account, and then click the Plugins button located under Application Settings in the sidebar.

Select Bitbucket from the integrations list and you’ll see the set up page with a description of the plugin and how to use it when it’s enabled. Click the Setup tab, and then click the Bitbucket button to give Raygun permission to post issues to your Bitbucket account.

Once this is done, simply select one of your repositories from the drop down list, tick the Enabled box, and hit Save Changes.

Now when you are browsing errors in your Raygun dashboard, you’ll see the Bitbucket icon next to the error message. Use this to link errors to existing issues, or create new issues in Bitbucket.

This integration, along with all the other Raygun integrations, will help you and your team speed up and simplify your error solving workflow. If you have any suggestions for a Raygun integration, we’d love to hear it. Leave a comment on this blog, or let us know in the forums.

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