Charting updates, raygun4js filtered keys, and API Key Regeneration

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Last week we pumped out a few Raygun updates that might be of interest to you. First off, the chart on the dashboard got a bit of a workover so it now displays errors using your selected timezone in your profile. I also added the mini view to the chart on the error details page, so you can zoom in on date range once you’ve selected an error to investigate. Hopefully that makes it a little easier to narrow down some of those bugs!

Callum put out an update to our JavaScript Raygun library to filter out sensitive data when submitting an error to Raygun. You can use this to keep your error logs free of things like credit card data and user’s passwords.

Lastly, Jeremy added a button for API key regeneration in case you need to revoke the old one.

Click the button with the red circle around it, and you’ll get a scary looking warning pop up about needing to update your applications to use the new API key immediately. Once you’ve done this, any applications using the old key will not be able to send errors to Raygun any more.

If your application doesn’t have exception tracking yet, try out the free 14 day trial of Raygun now. No credit card required.