Announcing Visual Studio Online integration!

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As of today, Raygun now officially integrates with Visual Studio Online, Microsoft’s team and project management service. This integration lets Raygun support your Git or TFS workflow by linking with the Product Backlog in your Visual Studio Online projects.

What you get

You can create new Work Items or link with existing ones in VSO from an error group in Raygun with just a couple of clicks. Here’s the UI:

Easy setup

We’ve done the work so you don’t have to – the integration is OAuth-based so you don’t have to share your VSO credentials with Raygun. Just navigate to Application Settings -> Plugins in Raygun, click Visual Studio Online -> Setup, then press the blue button to redirect to Visual Studio Online to grant access to your account.

Note: the Visual Studio Online API is still currently in Preview – check out the note on this below with regards to the permissions it will ask you for.

After returning to Raygun, you’ll be asked to confirm your Raygun credentials, then you can select your VSO Account back at the configuration page. Finally, pick the Project you want to be associated with the current Raygun app. Done!

Work Item creation and linking

Once you’ve picked your account and project drill into an error group and click the blue button with the Visual Studio logo in the top-right which will show the creation/linking controls.

When creating a new Work Item, Raygun will make a new Bug with its title being the same as the error group. The description will contain a link back to the Raygun error group. The same applies for linking with existing Work Items, except the title isn’t updated. You can link to the following Work Items: Bugs, Features, Impediments, Product Backlogs, and Tasks.

Get started with Raygun and Visual Studio Online now

If you’ve got an account with both services, jump into your Raygun app settings and you’ll have Raygun errors inside your VSO projects within seconds. If you don’t yet have either account you’re in luck as both offer free trials – you can grab your 30-day, no-credit-card Raygun trial here. If you have any queries about this or any of our other integrations feel free to add a comment below. Thanks for reading!