Implementing Raygun with FogBugz

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FogBugz is the said to be the world’s easiest bug tracking system, built for teams who are serious about shipping great software, so it’s logical that teams using FogBugz will also want to make sure their code is bug free and end users have a great experience.

Raygun’s error tracking and crash reporting software allows teams to detect and diagnose software errors in real time, alerting you of problems in your software so you can fix bugs fast. With a powerful but easy to set up integration, Raygun and FogBugz can provide the essential tools developers need to build better software products.

To get started with FogBugz and Raygun, and see how they can work in harmony, you will of course need an account with each service. Click here to get started with FogBugz and create a Raygun account in just a few seconds.

Set up the integration

To set this integration up, go to your dashboard, and navigate to an application that you want to integrate with FogBugz. In the side menu on the left, click “Application Settings” and then “Plugins” that appears below it. This will display a list of Raygun’s current integrations where you can then select FogBugz. Click the Setup tab, and then enter your FogBugz URL, username and password. Once you have entered the URL and credentials, hit save. This will then load the FogBugz projects that you can use. Select a project, check ‘Enabled’ and hit save again.

With the FogBugz integration set up, you can now go to any error group in the Raygun application and see the FogBugz icon next to the error name near the top right of the screen. Clicking this will give you options to create new issue in FogBugz, or attach error groups to existing FogBugz issues, all directly from within Raygun. When working with the item in FogBugz you can jump back and see all the details about the crash too via the URL in the issue, so you can fix it quickly.

FogBugz + Raygun can really save you time and give you essential context on issues.

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