Raygun allows GoChime to deliver great software to users

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Brian Falk is the Chief Technical Officer at GoChime, and manages a growing team of developers for their innovative product. The company creates tools to empower companies and brands to extend the reach of their email campaigns onto Facebook.

GoChime uses Raygun to manage errors and crashes across their applications and ultimately keep end users happy. Software bugs are inevitable, but as Brian explains, having Raygun implemented gives them peace of mind and the ability to react quickly if any problems occur.

“Raygun provides a really simple, real-time error management to all of your applications”, Brian explains. “In a matter of minutes you can start collecting, viewing and being notified of errors as they happen in your production systems.

“Raygun’s best feature is the simple interface that aggregates the error reporting from our different services. It gives us visibility into how often errors happen, when they do and from what service.”

“We’re still early on in our usage, but we’ve already found a couple of bugs that would have gone unnoticed for a while. One particular example involved getting back unusual data from one of the 3rd party APIs we use. The issue didn’t happen that frequently and was unique to a specific user account, so it was tricky to track down. Without Raygun we would have had to wade through logs for a good amount of time to find the issue.”

“I would absolutely recommend Raygun to other software developers. It provides a great way to manage and reduce the errors that occur in all of our services. It gives us a birds eye view of errors that are happening. As CTO, I can see where and how often things are going wrong and use this to prioritize fixes.”

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