Organisation Support!

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Hi Raygun users,

The latest feature we are pleased to announce is that you can now “promote” an account to become an organisation.


You can promote an account to become an organisation, this allows you to create teams and assign users to these teams, this is useful for people using Raygun in an organisation. Full story below.

All of this starts on the users settings page. If you are on a paid account that is higher than “micro” then you will see a new Organisation tab in the menu.

Click this and you can promote the account to an organisation by selecting a name for the organisation.

You will now have an area to manage this organisation

This will take that accounts applications and associate them with that organisation and add the user to the owners team. Teams are sub groups of users under an organisation. By default there are two teams that are created. An owners team and a users team. The users team will always contain all the users for an organisation. Removing someone from this group will also remove them from the organisation.

You can now create more teams to further group your users. Currently all users within an organisation have access to all the apps that the organisation owns. This is being further enhanced to allow you to setup permissions for applications on a team level. This should greatly simplify anyone who has a large number of applications or users within their organisation.

You can also manage your teams. This allows you to add and remove members and also invite new members to a team.

Users in the organisation are also able to transfer the ownership of applications that they create to the organisation.

When you create a new application you are also given the option of creating the application for your plan or for any organisations that you are a member of.

You can also view a list of all the applications that your organisation owns.

Hopefully this will help you out if you are using Raygun within your organisation.

Happy error blasting!