Now available: Version filtering!

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I’m excited to announce a really great feature for all Raygun users: Version filtering.

As you can see a new drop-down list is automatically populated with all versions of your application! Selecting one immediately updates the list to only display errors which had that particular version. Also note the two options at the top of the list, to select all versions (essentially disabling version filtering) and to pick the latest version. It couldn’t be more simple.

Enabling app version tracking

Many of our providers already include version tracking support, and you won’t have to do anything to use it. For the following, the application version is pulled automatically from the package. If you use one of these platforms, you can use the filtering immediately:

  • Android
  • Desktop .NET
  • Ruby/Rails
  • Java
  • WinRT
  • Xamarin (iOS and Android)

For other platforms, versioning isn’t a natural fit for the language (e.g. JavaScript doesn’t have a natural place we can pull a current version from). Our providers for the following technologies now include a SetVersion(string) function/method that you call on raygunClient to specify the version. Applications built on the following technologies can still use version filtering using that method:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Node.JS

In particular, the Raygun4JS and Raygun4Node providers have updated releases with the new SetVersion function, so be sure to grab the latest release for your application. Many of the providers also have the function, so you can manually pass in a version. Raygun expects the format to be ‘X.X.X.X’, where X is a positive integer.

Do note: If your app has never sent version information, you won’t see the Version filter drop down on the dashboard. Once that data starts flowing, it will automatically appear.

Tell us what you think!

This new improvement is available for everyone – no matter what plan level you use. As with all parts of Raygun, we’d love to hear how you find Version filtering.

Got Raygun already? If so, check out the new version filtering now! If you’re new to the service and want to track errors in your applications across multiple versions there’s a 14-day free trial available. Keep blasting those errors!