Error activity feeds, mobile friendly and more

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I’m very pleased to announced that we’ve released a big round of upgrades to the error details page. There’s a lot in there, so here’s the highlights!

Error group activity feed

You get an email – an error has occurred, but when you look in Raygun, it’s marked resolved. What happened? This is the exact situation we had recently and the answer was simple: a team member had resolved the issue within a couple minutes. What we needed was an activity feed to let users know what’s been changing regarding an error. Thankfully, we’ve been tracking that since day zero.

The activity feed includes team comments and status changes over time. It really gives you an insight into how a problem has been occurring over time.

The feed starts collapsed with the last event being visible. This is to help bring the error information higher up the page and make it easier to dive into error details while not losing a recent change.

Mobile friendly

Up until this release the error information page was pretty sub-par on mobile devices — especially phones. This was truly bad when you got an email about an error, clicked to view and couldn’t really figure out what had happened from the phone view.

That is now fixed!

The error information page is fully responsive also, resize it down and up and you’ll see it morphing before your eyes to suit the screen size!

More consistent experience

While working on these enhancements we took some time to improve some of the usability concerns we had as well as working on improving consistency. This includes small things like consistent heading styles, margins, paddings and other small wrinkles.

We’ve also shifted some parts around – the ability to page through the error instances is now above the instance data. No more scrolling to the bottom of the page to cycle through.

Keep the feedback coming!

We’re working as fast as we can to continue delivering improvements to you. Your feedback is essential in prioritizing our big features and our small tune ups — a big thank you to users who make feature requests and provide constant feedback!