Raygun error providers now record local time

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Based on customer feedback, we’ve updated all the Raygun providers to record the local time of the users machine/device for each error. Raygun already recorded the UTC time that each error occurred on, but displaying the local time can be an additional aid with debugging. This is especially useful if your application produces a log file that uses local time. As seen below, the Local Time is displayed in the Environment Details tab of an error in the dashboard.


Rather than sending a whole new date-time string in the message, the Raygun providers will simply send an hourly offset between the local time and the UTC time that it already sends. This means the addition of this property almost has no impact on the message size.

How to get it

To take advantage of this new feature, simply get the latest version of the Raygun provider for your application. (This will be different depending on which provider you need). All error messages sent after you’ve updated the provider will automatically include the local time information. Special note for the PHP provider: make sure to set the date.timezone attribute in the php.ini file for this feature to work. You can set this value to be the timezone of your server.

I hope that helps and happy error blasting!