New: Global Dashboard now available!

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It’s my pleasure to announce a major new feature for all Raygun users: The Global Dashboard. The Global Dashboard lets you select apps from your account and see the health of all of them at once.

If that’s all the Global Dashboard did, it would be a handy feature – but who really just wants handy? Why not go for awesome!

An example dashboard

Here you can see that I’ve configured my dashboard to show 5 applications. There’s plenty of options here:

  1. Choose the applications you wish to include from all the apps you have access to.
  2. Choose the time span you wish to view.
  3. Choose if you want to see error groups grouped by app, or, have the groups unified into a single list.
  4. Choose if an app should show at all, if it has no errors – perhaps you only wish to see apps with active errors!

You can choose all of these from the simple tool set above the chart:

See the health of your software

The overview chart is a powerful way of showing you the health of all the apps you’re monitoring. We use a stacked area chart to layer the crash report counts on top of each other. In this screenshot, I have my mouse over the chart to see a legend that tracks with my cursor. It keeps me informed of the error count at any point where the cursor is.

Application groups

If you’re viewing your data grouped by application, below the chart are the application groups. You can quickly see what applications are having problems and which are not. You can also jump to an application dashboard quickly with ‘View’ button.

Expanding an application group instantly shows you the active error groups in that application. Just like on an individual application dashboard, you can also change the status of an error group here should you want to.

Plan wide activity feed

The Global Dashboard also incorporates an all new Activity Feed. This is plan wide and gives you a list of activity that has occurred in your account recently – errors resolved, errors ignored, apps created, comments added to errors, etc.

In my account screenshot here, I can see that Nick has been wrestling with some bugs recently, but thankfully he’s been resolving them.

Keeping your team aware of activity is crucial in delivering great software. The Activity Feed is our small contribution to helping assist in helping your team know what actions are being taken.

Mobile friendly

The Raygun design and front-end engineering team have been working hard to ensure a beautiful experience – even on small mobile phone screens. All interaction, even with chart hovers, can be done with your finger as well as a cursor. It works just how you’d expect it to.

Try it right now, in your account

The Global Dashboard is accessible right now, from within your Raygun account (don’t have an account? Try us, free, for 14 days). Simply click the globe icon at the top left corner from inside your Raygun account — easy!

We’re just getting started

The Global Dashboard represents a big step forward for all Raygun users. We think it will help teams better understand the health of their entire suite of software. It’s still early days however. Feedback from our users has always been critical in ensuring Raygun is delivering the best bug smashing experience possible. I would love to hear your feedback, ideas and experiences on the Global Dashboard so we can continue on our mission to build the best exception logging tool available for you.

John-Daniel Trask

Co-founder & CEO