How to improve your Crash Free Users score in minutes

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If you’re reading this blog, you likely already know the importance of quality software. But with the overwhelming number of metrics that can be monitored and improved, development teams are struggling with what metrics they should prioritize to have the most significant impact.

The Crash Free Users score in Raygun is a perfect place for development teams who care about software quality to focus their efforts. It tells you what percentage of users didn’t encounter a crash or error while using your software and is an ideal north star to gauge the overall quality of your software.

Minimizing the percentage of users experiencing errors and crashes when using your software will significantly improve your business objectives. For online retailers, studies have found that 88% of visitors will abandon a website if they encounter a bug or crash.

Raygun not only gives you visibility into what your Crash Free User percentage is, but gives you actionable insights so you can improve your score, and in turn your customers’ digital experience. Let’s dive into how you can find and improve your score today!

How to improve your Crash Free User Score:

We recommend aiming for a score as close as possible to 99.9%. However, as a starting point, look at your current ranking to find and set an achievable goal for your team. As any deployment or new feature can alter your score, we recommend checking it regularly to ensure it hasn’t dipped.

Reaching and maintaining a good score doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Simply follow the recommended workflow below to keep on top of your Crash Free User Score:


Your Crash Free User Score will vary per application. To view this score, go to Real User Monitoring and view your current application performance under the ‘Users’ tab.

Measure CFU score


You need to identify which errors are impacting the largest number of customers. To do this, go to Crash Reporting and order this list by “Users”. Focusing on the top 1 - 3 errors for your applications will have the result in the most significant improvement to your Crash Free User Score.

Identify errors

TIP: If you find that you have an error that is caused by a third-party tool, we suggest marking this as permanently ignored so that it is excluded from your metrics.

Routine / Repeat:

At the beginning of each month or sprint, focus on addressing at least 1 - 3 error groups for your top applications. By doing this regularly, you will make consistent progress on the health of your application. As an added bonus, this workflow will also help the team prioritize and manage their error inbox.

You may find that over time you have the resource to add more error groups into your sprints - if this is the case, we encourage you to add as many as possible that your team can achieve in that timeframe.


Improving your Crash Free User Score directly impacts the wider business. By having a fantastic user experience, you have further evidence that your developers are making a direct impact on revenue and customer retention.

To view your progress across multiple applications at once, we encourage teams to report this metric on a dashboard that can be shared with the wider business.

Monitor results

It takes consistent effort to continually deliver quality digital experiences. By improving your Crash Free User score, you’re directly improving your customers’ digital experience, which is good for both your customers and your business.

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