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Override "Load Time" Performance Timing or support Time To Interactive

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I'd like to be able to override the definition of 'Load Time' for my pages with a custom timing. This is important for us as Raygun shows their definition of "Load Time" in many prominent and useful places... except its not what we consider to be the "Load Time".

My specific use case involves a custom timing we track to know when our FE framework has finished initializing its controller, which often is a complex Promise chain of AJAX calls that retrieve needed data.

For us, this timing is would be the same as "Time to Interactive" or the point at which enough stuff has loaded that a user can begin doing stuff. Being able to see things like "Slowest and most requested pages" sorted by this value would be very useful!



John-Daniel Trask

Posted on
Oct 04 2017


Have you looked at using custom timings for this? https://raygun.com/docs/pulse/customtimings

You can capture any time you'd like as your measure in here. We're also thinking about how we could chart these over time in future as well.

There are a bunch of great new timings shipping in browsers (time to first paint, and time to first contentful paint are my favorites) but until they're more widely available, we'll likely be recommending that you use custom timings to track specialized timing events you want to measure.

We'll discuss having the option to use a custom time as a default measure (since, as you note, in a couple of places we use the ContentLoaded timing as a measure).

I hope that helps.