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List of machines with version and IP address per application

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It would be useful see the version number and IP address of each machine in an application to ascertain which machine(s) have which errors.



Zheng Li

Posted on
Jan 07 2021

Hi Mark,

Is your feature request about machine names and version number in relation to Crash Reporting? If so, the good news is that you can filter your Crash Reporting dashboard by parameters such as version and/or machine name right now.

Also within each error group (on the right hand sidebar), you can also see the distribution of machine affected when it comes to a specific error group. This information is helpful in determining whether an error is occurring on a single or multiple machines.

I will mark this feature request as "complete" for now, but if this is not what you need then please let us know and we can help you further from there.

Thanks for your feature request.

Zheng Li

VP of Product