Ruby Application Performance Monitoring

Raygun APM helps you answer your biggest performance questions. Pinpoint the root cause of Ruby performance issues right down to the specific line of code so you solve them quickly and reliably.

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Ruby for APM

Monitor and improve Ruby performance

  • Identify your biggest performance bottlenecks affecting end-users with automatic issue detection
  • See overall performance timings with high detail, visual flame charts of every trace
  • Precise and accurate method-level timings, as well as high-level overviews and trends
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Pinpoint root cause of code issues

  • Dive deeper into issues, including code-level detail, function, database or API calls
  • Full trace capture shows you the state of your code at every millisecond during the performance profile
  • In-depth transaction details that show exact method calls, including the external dependencies for apps of any size and complexity
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"A brief look at the flame charts in Raygun quickly pointed to the problem in a fraction of the time it had taken us before."

Greg Shackles, Technical Lead


Built-in support for Ruby

  • Support for major frameworks, Ruby on Rails and Sidekiq
  • Filter and drill down into high latency databases like SQL queries
  • Integrations with Slack and Jira Software
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Join thousands of teams building better software with Raygun

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Display mission-critical areas of your software stack in a central view

Raygun has powerful dashboarding functionality so you can build your own views of the Ruby performance data you want to see. Completely customizable, these dashboards cover metrics including Apdex score, performance trends over time, and individual or multi-application views.

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"Raygun APM doesn’t just tell you what is slow, it tells you why."

Vidar Sømme, Chief Development Officer, Vetserve


Get rich, contextual information into problems surrounding application performance.

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