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Live crash data for all your apps

Raygun keeps a watchful eye on your web and mobile applications and tells you when problems arise. Add Raygun to your code in minutes and you’ll be able to detect every error in your software, the second they happen.

Integrates with your tools

Raygun has support for integrations including team chat (Slack, Hipchat etc), project management tools (JIRA, Sprintly etc) and issue trackers (Github, Bitbucket etc). The tools you already use work with Raygun.

Drop Raygun into your app in seconds

A few lines of code is all it takes. How fast can you copy and paste?

pip install raygun4py
from raygun4py import raygunprovider

def handle_exception(exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback):
    cl = raygunprovider.RaygunSender("{{yourApiKey}}")
    cl.send(exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback, "myclass", ["tag1"])

sys.excepthook = handle_exception

Get up and running in minutes

Nothing to download, nothing to install, just one simple, short code snippet is all you need to catch errors in production and get deep and meaningful insights into your applications.

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