Poor software experiences lose you customers. Win them with great ones.

View every detail of each error instance or performance issue. From the diagnostic details right down to the specific users that were affected.

See people, not just numbers

Customers are why we create software. See them all, what they do, and how they're impacted by errors, crashes and performance issues when using your software applications.
Privacy concerns? This platform capability is optional. The Raygun team can assist you in using it responsibly by anonymizing users to comply with your company’s privacy policy.

Identify individual users that are having poor experiences

Raygun gives you complete clarity on who is using your application alongside any problems they encountered that negatively impacted their end user experience.

Retrace a user’s journey, step by step

Track every user session to understand what actions led up to an issue occurring and whether the overall experience was good or bad for individual users.

Reduce lost customers and increase Net Promoter Score

View performance breakdowns on page load speeds as well as full diagnostic details for errors and crashes that caused users to walk away.
"Only 16% of users will try a failing app more than twice"Compuware survey
Compuware survey

Don’t rely on users to report issues. They won’t.

Only 1% of users will bother to tell you they’ve experienced a problem. Get full visibility on the experiences users are having and how to improve them, without the requirement for users to submit support tickets.
of users will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load
"Since we started using Raygun, our customer satisfaction and preventing customer loss due to errors has dramatically improved. Errors used to get lost unless a customer reported them. Our churn due to technical issues has effectively dropped to zero."
Sami Asikainen, Founder, Radium CRM