Raygun vs. New Relic

Developers choose Raygun over New Relic because they need actionable data, not just overviews and trends. Using Raygun’s highly detailed metrics and intuitive UI, we’ll help you discover and diagnose performance bottlenecks in a fraction of the time.
Code-level detail
Built-in issue detection
Source code integration
Per trace billing model
Capture every trace
Distributed tracing

Deeper insights that give you x-ray vision into your software performance

Thousands of customers love and trust Raygun

Actionable data you can trust

When you're in the discovery phase, high-level charts and dashboards aren't enough. But you don't want to be overwhelmed with data either. You need accurate and relevant information that gives context to the problem. With Raygun, the diagnostic information you need is never more than a few clicks away.

Don't just know that something is wrong, know why.

With Raygun, it's easy to identify the worst performing parts of your applications, fix the problem and measure the changes. View:
  1. Call times with highly detailed visual flame charts, not just a static call tree
  2. Precise method level timings, not high-level overviews without any detail
  3. Correct detail at the method level, not incomplete diagnostic information
  4. Each and every request available, not uncontrollable samples
  5. Complete clarity on the root cause of issues

Solve performance bottlenecks with greater speed and accuracy than traditional APM tools

Move faster with built-in issue detection and task creation

Visually comprehend what's really happening within your code, across every millisecond during the performance profile. Know exactly which function was executed, how long it ran for and where it was called from.
Effortlessly find root causes and fix issues quickly. In-depth transaction details that show exact method calls, including the external dependencies for apps of any size and complexity.
Drill down into any application performance issue, including the exact line of code, function, database or API call causing the problem. Never be left guessing where the issue lies.

Build custom dashboards and monitor what matters to you most

Who doesn't love a nice dashboard? Raygun has powerful dashboarding functionality that lets you build your own views of the data you want to see. Completely customizable, these dashboards cover metrics including Apdex score, performance trends over time, individual or multi application views.

A complete software intelligence platform

Yes, Raygun APM is an incredibly powerful tool, and will give you unrivaled clarity on server side performance, but you can also take advantage of Raygun's Real User Monitoring and Crash Reporting in one complete, fully integrated solution. Bring your whole team together to monitor every aspect of your software quality and do it all in one place.

Raygun works with your existing tools too!

Why monitor limited servers and not have full visibility when you can enjoy end-to-end monitoring across every aspect of your tech stack for one simple price? Set your own limits and capture the data that matters to you most. Use APM alone or get all Raygun products for a fraction of the price you’ll pay your current APM vendor.
Get all this for a similar price to monitoring a single server with traditional APM tools.
Sophisticated Crash Reporting
Sophisticated Real User Monitoring
Simple per trace billing model
Full data capture

Raygun works with your existing tools too!

Build an unbeatable workflow around performance issue detection and resolution within your team. Receive notifications with Slack or via email and collaborate across workflows with your whole team. Raygun is built to give visibility across teams.

Reproduce errors faster

"After installing Raygun APM, we attempted to reproduce a recent production issue that took a while to track down at the time. A brief look at the flame charts in Raygun quickly pointed to the problem in a fraction of the time it had taken us before."
Greg Shackles
Greg ShacklesTechnical Lead, Olo

Deliver flawless software experiences

"Raygun helps us maintain a connection to the humans on the other end of our system. We're able to provide excellent customer care because we can see the performance problems and errors they experience and fix them."
Vidar Sømme
Chief Development Officer, Vetserve

See actionable data in minutes

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