Building vs. buying an application performance monitoring tool

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Building a tool can be challenging

Balancing your company’s immediate growth with long-term sustainability is challenging for any team lead. Understandably, you want the best for your customers and your budget.

While your decision will reflect your specific business requirements, we find that companies who try to build their own error monitoring solution come up against the following challenges:

Total cost of ownership

Significant energy, resources, and time must be dedicated to a homegrown solution. There are high maintenance costs and risk of technical debt build-up as processes and teams change.


As your business grows, your development tools should scale with you. Internal tools can slow innovation as your team grows, as they will struggle to cope with the pace of change.

User Experience

Tools must be easy to use, or they won’t be widely adopted. A good UI will be seen as a nice to have, whereas good data visualization could make or break how easy the monitoring tool is to use.


Company-wide tools require custom access controls. Any tech business that stores data must be compliant with laws like GDPR. Removing sensitive data must be done correctly to prevent a security risk.


Homegrown solutions may leave you guessing whether the information is accurate and up to date. You need real-time, accurate information on how users are affected by errors.

Building an application takes a lot of time and resources

Questions to ask

Building a basic monitoring script is easy. Adding layers of sophistication like reporting or data visualization is hard. Developers need data they can trust - accurate, code-level detail delivered in real-time on application health, so they can solve issues faster.

If you are considering building a performance tool, first ask the following questions:

  • Will building this help us maintain a competitive advantage?
  • What are the costs of devoting development time to this project?
  • Once it’s built, will it scale as we grow?
  • How long will it take to integrate into our current systems?

How Raygun Application Performance Monitoring helps

Raygun is the application performance monitoring tool of choice for companies like Microsoft, Dominos, and Coca-Cola that require robust tools to monitor the health of their applications. Raygun was specifically built to meet the demands of customers - we understand the importance of software performance and its impact on business outcomes.
Raygun works out of the box to help you:

  • Debug issues faster with full error and crash diagnostics
  • Monitor new code deployments for errors
  • Deliver faster front end page load speeds and user experiences
  • Discover and fix the bottlenecks affecting application performance
  • Walk through every user’s journey and identify where they encountered issues
  • Know which specific users encountered problems

By leveraging Raygun, some customers have seen a 95% reduction in the number of errors in production.

Luis Alonzo
Software Architect,

Sam Minnée
CEO and Co-Founder, SilverStripe