Build quality applications and protect your clients' websites from unforeseen bugs

Delight your clients, not leave them frustrated

With just a small snippet of code included in your applications, Raygun can ensure that software problems are found throughout the entire development lifecycle, from dev through to production, so your applications can be monitored and bugs identified. This greatly reduces the risks of clients and their respective customers being exposed to issues that have slipped through during production. Raygun is your saftey net for unforeseen software problems that could damage client relationships.

Jonathan Peppers - Lead Developer at Hitcents

If you have an application that has a significant number of users, or really want to provide an excellent error tracking service to your clients, Raygun is a no-brainer. We feel like the monthly cause easily pays for itself by improving your app’s monetization or keeping your paying clients happy

Jonathan Peppers - Lead Developer at Hitcents

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Ensure your team are delivering flawless software experiences

Develop a reputation for producing high quality software applications that can be relied upon. Only 16% of users will try a failing app more than twice. Service companies that use Raygun report that clients react extremely positively to their forward thinking approach towards finding and fixing software bugs that may appear in their applications.

Rather than ship and forget, companies maintain a watchful eye on client's applications and make regular fixes and updates based on the information Raygun provides.

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Raygun is built for teams and allows for client access

Invite individual teams members to an application. You can also restrict team members from viewing certain applications. Whether you need to split projects into seperate teams or your clients would also like a view on the errors and crashes that are affecting their applications, it's all controllable with Raygun. Individual notification settings for errors lets each person control them based on their needs. Control multiple clients and organizations under a central Raygun plan.

Alex Li - Senior Developer at Touchtech

The affected users feature in Raygun is also very handy, It helps us to track down the affected users using his or her device information. It allows us to jump to the troubleshooting faster without going back and forth with clients to gather required device info.

Alex Li - Senior Developer at Touchtech


All the information you need to produce perfect user experiences

The data Raygun can provide you with is far more powerful than anything you've seen before. Each user can be narrowed down to an individual level, so you'll see the problems they've encountered, with full diagnostic information on the root cause. Recommend new features and functionality to your clients based on the information Raygun collects and where the best improvements can be made.

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100% coverage, every language, every platform

Raygun’s Crash Reporting software works with the entire software development technology stack. Whether you want to monitor errors on multiple languages, frontend, backend, or specific environments, all errors and crashes will be automatically identified and presented on your Raygun dashboard. Raygun gives your team an unrestricted view over every part of your software applications.

Cody Bunea - Chief Technology Officer at Carnival

Raygun is great at discovering those errors that only happen on production. There are always types of errors that are hard to do automated tests on, and this is where we find the value of Raygun.

Cody Bunea - Chief Technology Officer at Carnival

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