Solve technical support issues, without the confusion

Solving technical customer queries can be difficult. For streamlined technical support, your team needs Raygun.

Take the stress out of technical support issues caused by bugs

We can all relate to receiving a support request from a frustrated customer who has suffered a technical issue with your website or mobile app. Usually these support requests enter into a black hole with little information on when, if or how it can be fixed and this often creates a poor communication pathway between customer service teams and developers — ultimately leaving the most important person in the dark (our customer).
"I would certainly recommend Raygun, it is simple to implement into your code and it just works. There’s very little setup and configuration that needs to happen before you start seeing its value."
Daniel Hoenig - Software Architect at Schneider Electric

Ensure your entire team has the complete picture

With Raygun included in your software applications, issues, crashes, problems and bugs are reported to Raygun automatically, including who those issues happened to. You'll know about customers experiencing problems whether they do or don't report them.
When customers report issues, Raygun allows development teams to view every error that the customer has experienced with diagnostic details provided. You'll be able to find answers rather than hear "I can't replicate it" and the customer is left without a resolution.

Get your team to try Raygun

Raygun will make your job easier, but it will also make the jobs of your entire software development team easier too. With just a few lines of code added to your company’s application, they’ll get instant error reports and full diagnostic information of your customer’s technical issues. No more back and forth emails over support channels, discover a better way to work and keep customers happy.
"Integrating Raygun is frictionless and takes as long as a coffee break. And after you are done with the setup you will immediately see why Raygun is worth every penny."
Benny Neugebauer - Team Lead at Wire

Raygun will improve your customer support workflows

Raygun silently monitors your company’s software applications and lets your software team know when issues arise. They’ll even be aware of the problem occurring before a customer has time to report it. No longer will your team have to rely on customers to report issues, they get instant alerts with full diagnostic information, meaning they can fix it - fast!