Don't lose customers to poor software experiences

Raygun allows software development teams to detect, diagnose and destroy software issues that are affecting your customers.

If you have broken software you have un-happy customers

Does your business rely on software for sales, growth and creating happy customers? Do you ever see complaints from customers who ran into problems with your software? If so, giving them a bad experience when they are interacting with your brand can cost your company considerably. Raygun silently monitors your company’s software applications and alerts your team to issues that are affecting your customers, so they can fix problems before more users are affected.
"It’s great to have visibility into what kinds of issues and errors were encountered by our customers, and having the visibility there to know I have all the information I need to solve them"
Jared Armstrong - CEO at MinuteDock

Ensure your team are delivering flawless software experiences

Your entire team celebrates shipping awesome features into the hands of customers, so why not do it more often? Raygun will make your team more productive, eliminate lost time hunting down bugs and problems, ensuring customers are not running into roadblocks that restrict them from completing the buying process.
Only 16% of software users will try a failing app more than twice. Error and crash reporting is a critical part of your business and will more than pay for itself in increased productivity of your team and the quality of software being put into the hands of customers.

Boost your ROI and keep support costs down

What’s the best way to reduce associated support costs from software bugs and issues? Eliminate them from happening! Raygun will keep your team on top of any problems that are affecting end users and reduce the amount of time customer support staff and developers have to spend dealing with them.
Because Raygun gives full diagnostic information about each and every error or crash that happens in your software, your team can be on top of problems and lose time trying to discover the underlying cause. Find errors as well as fix them.

We've helped software teams all over the world

15 Billion +
40,000 +
100 Billion +
"Before we started using Raygun, I felt like we were pretty blind to some of the errors that were actually happening in production. In customer facing apps, we have seen the number of errors we’ve fixed from Raygun reports affect monetization in a positive way."
Jonathan Peppers - Lead Developer at Hitcents

Do you know how many issues are in your applications?

Chances are, there are far more errors in your company’s software applications than anyone on your team realizes, mainly because they don’t even know about them. Get your software development team to try Raygun and they’ll be able to get a full picture of the company’s software quality, including how many of your customers are being affected by unreported software problems.