You can receive daily performance notifications for your mobile applications directly to a designated team chat room.

These notifications are designed to keep you informed on the key information including:

  • Overall app speed
  • User information
    • Daily users of your app
    • Number of returning / new users
  • Popular but slow views
  • Popular but slow network calls
  • Session information
    • Total sessions
    • Session length
  • User satisfaction
    • How many users are experiencing slow/normal/fast speeds with your app

Most of the data mentioned above is also displayed with a comparison to yesterdays statistics.
This way you can get a quick and easy summary of how your apps general statisics are changing day to day!

These notifications are available through Slack, a popular collaboration app used by developers.

Jump straight to the notification set up instructions:

This integration also includes a “Tell us how you find this integration” link and at the bottom of the notification.
Using this link you can easily send feedback directly back to us!


  1. First, integrate your Raygun application with Slack
  2. Once you’re in the Slack ‘Setup’ tab:
  • Check ‘Enabled’ under ‘Real User Monitoring Daily Digest’
  • Select a time you would like to receive the notification after

  1. Click ‘Save Changes

Now you will start receiving a daily performance report that looks like the example image below. You’ll have all the details you need to set performance benchmarks for your business and see improvements or weaknesses that need to be addressed!

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