This refers to everything you see after selecting ‘Real User Monitoring’ from your Raygun application sidebar. The date time range picker, tabs and everything displayed within each tab all make up the Real User Monitoring for mobile dashboard.

Current time range

A date and time range picker can be found in the top right hand corner of the Real User Monitoring for mobile dashboard. This can be found on all pages except for Live and the Session instance drill down. All the data within tables, charts and so on are filtered by the date and time range you select. By default, the latest week is used as the date time range. You can either use the quick filters of ‘1 month’, ‘2 weeks’, ‘1 week’ and ‘1 day’ or select a totally custom date time range.


View is the name commonly given to a page within a mobile application, regardless of the platform. For iOS apps, the view name transmitted to Raygun Real User Monitoring will be the name of the controller class. Currently this can include controllers for entire page views as well as sub views within pages. For Android apps, the view name you see within Real User Monitoring will be the activity name.


You’ll see the mention of sessions all over the Real User Monitoring for mobile dashboard. A single session starts when your user enters your application, and then ends when your user leaves your application. A session can start when a user starts your app form an inactive or backgrounded state, or by jumping to your application from another app. A session can end by backgrounding the application, putting the device to sleep while the app is running, jumping out of the app to another app, or due to a crash. This logic is used consistently to determine a single session of your application displayed in the Real User Monitoring for mobile dashboard.


A crash refers to your application shutting right down as the result of an exception. Anything that displays the number of crashes does not include the number of handled exceptions that didn’t cause a crash.

Anonymous user

An anonymous user is a user that is not logged into your app. If you do not set any user identifier, then users will be displayed in the Real User Monitoring for mobile dashboard as guids and will be considered to be anonymous users. If you do provide your own user identifiers, then each user will not be anonymous unless you specifically set this via the Raygun provider API in your application code.