Flowdock is a team chat product. When errors are reported into Raygun, notifications will be pushed to your Flows and/or Team Inbox.

Setup instructions

  1. In Raygun, in the application sidebar, click on Integrations, then Flowdock:

  1. Click the Setup tab, then click on the ‘Flowdock account tokens’ link in the FAQ on that Setup page:

    From here, look for the ‘Flow API tokens’ section.

  2. Copy one, and paste it into the API Token textbox in Raygun.

  3. Select one or both of the checkboxes to specify where error notifications are sent:

  • ‘Send Chat Messages’ will deliver them to your flow
  • ‘Send Inbox Messages’ will deliver them to your Team Inbox
  1. Click Save Changes, and you’re done! Error notifications from that application will then be delivered to your flow/inbox.

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