We learnt this 1 weird trick (to stop boring you with our ads)

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Unless you’re an avid fan of ad blocker, you’ve no doubt seen our Raygun ads hangin’ out beside the funny catz lol pictures you check out on your breaks, or down below the videos playing on your favourite YouTube channel.

To be honest – I was getting a bit bored with them. If I’m going to be seeing adverts everywhere, I’d much rather be amused by them! So I’ve started to play around with creating some with a little more humor. Our first ideas were to make ads, which make fun of other ads. It’s Ad-ception.

You know the ads I’m talking about, the ones that claim you will learn ‘1 weird trick for losing belly fat’ or find out ‘how a mom earns $12,999 a week working from home’ – if you would only click here!

But now I’ve been looking at these ads for so long that I’m no longer sure they make sense. Here’s what I have so far:

Opinions please

Which one do you like the best? I’d love to get your feedback in the comments, or even some new ideas for hilarious ads.