Thanks a billion!

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Milestones are pretty cool for any company. Whether it’s your first signup, your first paying customer or you feel the need to bring out the cake to celebrate something significant.

As you know, here at Raygun it’s all about the people, and our team have been jubilant as we ticked over a billion errors processed on behalf of our awesome customers. That’s a lot of software bugs!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the clever web and mobile developers who use Raygun with their applications. By detecting and diagnosing software errors in real-time, Raygun has enabled thousands of developers to improve their software quality, ship with confidence and save them from long (and expensive) outages and crashes.

Being notified immediately of your software’s errors with intelligent notifications and full stack traces for each error, means you have all the information you need to fix bugs fast!

We’re looking forward to our next milestone here at Raygun and again thanks to all of you who use Raygun in your development stack.

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